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E-portfolios are easy to use.  They:

  • support voice recordings photos and video as well as written evidence
  • can be accessed securely both on and off line
  • help us monitor your progress and give rapid feedback
  • speed up your qualification by cutting out wasted time
  • manage the workflow between you and your assessor


Here’s a short tour of our e-portfolio software, OneFile


To qualify you need to show us what you can do and what you know.  We assess the ‘doing’ by observing you, asking you to reflect on practice and getting witness testimony from those you work with.

To help you gain the knowledge you need to succeed, we have developed eQual Learning, an online resource library on a Moodle platform.  eQual Learning is packed with videos, lectures, presentations, podcasts, quizzes, reading material, web links and interactive animations. It has been specially designed to suit different learning styles.

Here’s a short presentation about it.



functional skills

For apprentices studying maths, English and ICT, PBD has teamed up with ForSkills to give you free access to an entire functional skills learning platform: you can take a diagnostic test, get an individual learning plan, communicate with your assessor and access some first rate learning materials.

Here’s a short presentation about it


See some samples from our e-learning resources below


The Munro Report (L5)


Brain Development (L5)


Planning in Teams (L5)


Positive Outcomes (L3)